I've been a huge Star Wars fan my whole life and part of the saber community since I got into the hobby back in 2012. I began installing my own custom sabers in 2017 and once I got good enough at the craft I started taking on commissions to install other people's personal sabers as well. In 2020 I decided to officially start Coastal Sabers and begin offering pre-built sabers to the saber community. Over the last couple of years I have been able to make this my full time job thanks to your support and we have been able to expand the operation to a much larger scale. We are based out of beautiful Northern California and we pride ourselves on the sabers we offer. I am so excited to continue to grow the community around the love for these elegant weapons and to be a part of this incredible fandom! I want to be as trustworthy and transparent as possible with my customers so if you have any questions or concerns please reach out on our contact page. May the Force Be With You and happy sabering!