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ELF Sabers

The Dark Saber

The Dark Saber

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- Neopixel Darksaber Blade
- Proffieboard v2.2 with 16GB SD Card
- 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery
- 2W bass speaker
- 40+ Soundfonts

Blade Plug, 18650 Battery, Charger, and allen key included


Proffieboard v2.2:

- Neopixel
- Smooth-Sw
- Color Change Mode
- Flash on Clash
- Blaster Deflect
- Lockup
- Tip Drag
- Force Effects
- Quotes
- Music tracks
- Mute Mode
- Volume change
- Gesture Controls
- 25+ Soundfonts
- Customizable Soundfonts
- SD Card
- Software Updates with New Features
- Lighting Block
- Melt
- Stab

- Customizable Bladestyles and Effects


The Proffieboard allows for the Most Robust Saber Experience and is Unparalleled in Features!

This is an accurate full metal replica of the Darksaber prop from The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. The saber is machined from high quality materials and electroplated for maximum accuracy to the on screen prop. The saber features an accent LED under the switch as well as a custom made PCB in the emitter. The saber includes an accurately sized Darksaber Neopixel blade with the black inner core as well as an accurate chromed blade plug. The saber also features a removable chassis with a kill switch and removable 18650 battery.

The Perfect Saber for Cosplay and Display!

Neopixel sabers have hundreds of LEDs inside the blade to allow for complex blade animations and increased brightness. Neopixel technology allows for complex blade effects like scrolling up and down when the saber is ignited or retracted, blaster deflection, saber lockup, tip drag, and many others. Neopixel blades also allow for blade styles and animations like Unstable blades and Fire blades to replicate damaged sabers like Kylo Ren.

This saber is installed with a Proffieboard v2.2 and Neopixel. The saber comes preprogramed with gesture controls and more than 25+ soundfonts and Bladestlyes that can be switched on the fly to replicate the sounds and colors of different characters. The Proffie v2.2 utilizes Smooth-Swing, the revolutionary technology that accurately produces swing sounds to replicate your motion of the saber in real-time. Proffieboard v2.2 Neopixel sabers have removable SD cards that you can use to change and customize the Soundfonts and Bladestyles on the saber. You can purchase additional soundfonts from the many talented soundfont makers in the community like Kyberphonic Fonts, KSith Saber Fonts, and many others that can be found on

This saber is machined and manufactured by Elf Sabers.


FREE Worldwide Shipping is included on all saber orders! Processing time for this saber is 2-3 weeks before shipment. Once dispatched shipment usually takes 5-7 days depending on location.

(International customers are responsible for any customs fees if applicable)


I pride myself in the sabers I offer and I am confident in their quality and durability. All of the Custom Sabers I sell come with a 1 YEAR WARRANTY on any and all manufacturing defects and said issues will always be covered FREE OF CHARGE. These sabers are built for dueling but for obvious reasons I cannot warranty any damage to the saber caused by excessive use or modification of the electronics by the customer.

Thank you so much for your interest! If you have any questions at all feel free to message us!

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